Brian Viloria vs Hernan Marquez Results

Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 18, 2012 (Philippines)

Brian Viloria won in a Knockout punch on Hernan Marquez in 10th round of the fight. Coach Garcia of Hernan Marquez throw a towel after seeing Marquez gets a lot of punch on the head by Brian Viloria.

In just the first round Brian Viloria scored a knockout punch. Also in the 5th round Viloria score a KO. Hernan Marquez trying to came back in the fight with the aggressive move in the 9th round of the fight but still Brian Viloria handle the fight and won his dangerous fight by KO in the round no. 10.

Referee David Mendoza stopped the fight 1:01 in the 10th round.

Many people see's Brian Viloria's ability, they thought Brian can't win in a much younger fighter Tyson Marquez but Viloria prove that he is still a Champion.

Brian Viloria is now looking for much bigger fight next year.

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