Dance of the Steel Bars Showing in Philippines

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Starting on June 12, 2013 you can now watch Dance of the Steel Bars in Philippine Cinema's. Watch it on selected theaters nationwide.

Dance of the Steel Bars Official Poster and Trailer:

Opening/Philippine Release Date: June 12, 2013

Produced by: GMA Films

Genre: Drama


Patrick Bergin - Frank
Dingdong Dantes - Mando
Ricky Davao - Rodrigo Yumul
Mon Confiado - Gudo
Kathleen Hermosa - Lulu
Joey Paras - Allona
Thou Reyes - Dong
Maila Damian - Ana
Renee Salud - Charity
Gabe Mercado - Deputy Warden Diaz
Gwen Garcia - Herself (as Gov. Gwen Garcia)

Directed by: Cesar Apolinario and Marnie Manicad

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