Aftershock Showing in Philippines

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Starting on July 3, 2013 you can now watch Aftershock in Philippine Cinema's. Watch it on selected theaters nationwide.

Opening/Philippine Release Date: July 3, 2013

Distributed by: Dimension Films, RADiUS-TWC

Genre: Horror, Thriller


In Chile, a group of travelers who are in an underground nightclub when a massive earthquake hits quickly learn that reaching the surface is just the beginning of their nightmare. (from IMDB)


Eli Roth - Gringo
Andrea Osvárt - Monica
Ariel Levy - Ariel
Natasha Yarovenko - Irina
Nicolas Martinez - Pollo
Lorenza Izzo - Kylie
Marcial Tagle - Firefighter
Ramón Llao - Ramon
Ignacia Allamand - Guide
Paz Bascuñán - Pregnant woman
Matías López - Marito
Patricio Strahovsky - Priest
Álvaro López - Jesus
Dayana Amigo - Bartender
Eduardo Domínguez - Russell Dazzle
Gabriela Hernández - Cleaning lady
Edgardo Bruna - Grumpy operator
Selena Gomez - V.I.P girl
Cristina Pascual - Kindly woman

Directed by: Nicolás López

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